Moving Request
Please submit the following information regarding your move request. 

Requests should be submitted a minimum of 48 hours prior to your move so that arrangements can be made to ensure the elevator pads are placed in the elevator for your move.  Remember that there is a glass bulletin board behind the elevator pads on the main wall- please continue to use caution when moving!

Please choose a moving/ delivery company carefully. Moving/ delivery company MUST have a general liability and workman’s compensation insurance. Moving/ delivery company used MUST provide a copy to the Association of a current certificate of liability and workers compensation insurance for a minimum of $1,000,000 naming “Blue Bay Tower Condominium Association” as an additional insured before any moving is allowed/ approved. Applicant must ensure a copy is submitted to the Association prior to any move.

Always contact the Association, anytime during your residency, if large deliveries are expected so that elevator pads can be placed on the elevator walls for protection. A move is defined as any move of furniture or any single item that requires a hand truck or more than one person to move.

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